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There are 4 ways to obtain help in ECGSIM:
  1. For a comprehensive manual, choose Manual from the Help menu. This way you will start the built-in manual browser. While the manual browser is active, you may continue to operate ECGSIM, enabling you to experiment while consulting the manual. The manual browser is locked while a dialog window is activated. (We plan to remove this constraint in a later release).

  2. If you choose What's this? from the Help menu, the mouse pointer changes into a question mark. You may then move the mouse cursor to the object within ECGSIM about which you wish to know more, and then click on the left mouse button. A brief text with an explanation of the object's function will appear.

  3. You can determine the function of the tool buttons at the top of each pane by resting the mouse above them for a moment. A brief text with an explanation of the function of the button will appear.

  4. The dialog windows in ECGSIM contain a button with a question mark in the title bar. If you press this button, the mouse cursor changes into a question mark. If you now click on an element of the dialog window, a brief text with an explanation of the function of the element will appear.

The web site www.ecgsim.org provides additional information as well as the most recent version of ECGSIM. You can determine the version you are currently working with by choosing About ecgsim in the Help menu.

Should you find a bug in ECGSIM, please report it to .