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If surface potentials are displayed in the heart or thorax panes, you may start up a movie in which the surface potentials are shown for subsequent time instances. During the movie vertical yellow lines in the membrane and ECGs panes indicate the time instant for which the potentials are displayed.

You may start the movie by selecting Start from the movie menu. You may also start the movie by clicking on the Start/stop movie tool button in the thorax pane.

Movie properties

The movie parameters are controlled from the Movie properties dialog window, which is activated from the Movie menu.

By default, the start and end of the movie coincide with the first and last time instant shown in the ECGs pane. By unchecking the Lock to ECG span, the Start/end slider in the Movie properties is enabled, and may be used to set the span of the movie.

The speed slider controls the movie speed, which may be varied from 10 ms/s to 1000 ms/s (i.e. real time).