Download geometry files for ECGSIM 1.3

From here the geometry descriptions of the heart, the thorax and some other geometries used in ecgsim can be downloaded:

The format of the .tri files is as follows:

1 x(1) y(1) z(1)
2 x(2) y(2) z(2)
. . . .
. . . .
npnt x(npnt) y(npnt) z(npnt)
1 ind(1,1) ind(1,2) ind(1,3)
2 ind(2,1) ind(2,2) ind(2,3)
. . . .
. . . .
ntri ind(ntri,1) ind(ntri,2) ind(ntri,3)

where npnt is the number of vertices, x(i), y(i) and z(i) are the coordinates (in meters) of vertex i, ntri is the number of triangles, and ind(j,1), ind(j,2) and ind(j,3) are the indices of the vertices of triangle j. The order of the indices for a triangle defines the orientation of the triangle; seen from the outside the vertices are number clockwise.

The format of the .tra (transfer matrix) file is as follows:

nrow ncol
tra(1,1) tra(1,2) ... tra(1,ncol)
tra(2,1) tra(2,2) ... tra(2,ncol)
. . . .
. . . .
tra(nrow,1) tra(nrow,2) ... tra(row,ncol)

where tra(i,j) is the potential generated at vertex i of the thorax by a unit double layer source at vertex j of the mycardial surface.
Line breaks are inserted to improve readibility, but are not essential.