Download MCG related files for ECGSIM 1.3

From here MCG related files to be used in ecgsim can be downloaded. The manual of ECGSIM 1.3 contains a description of the file format and instructions on simulating and displaying the MCG in ecgsim.
  • gumcg300.tra: the MCG transfer function for the standard ecgsim geometry set and the MCG observation grid described in the next item. At each point of that grid a second order gradiometer, with coils parallel to the frontal plane and 6 cm between the coils, is assumed.
  • gumcg.obs: a set of 9 by 9 observation points in front of the standard ecgsim thorax. The distance between the observation points is 3 cm.
  • set of MCG signals measured at the observation grid described in the previous item. The data set contains only the QRS complex.
  • mcg.lay: layout definition for displaying MCGs in the ECGs pane.